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With over twenty years of experience maintaining and servicing computers, Gravtec provides the Whitsundays area with a professional and high quality service.






Professional IT Services for

the Whitsundays

Gravtec is a leading IT Support & Solutions company based in The Whitsundays, we have supplied innovative ICT solutions to clients all over The Whitsundays and further afield.


We have worked with many organisations ranging from small business, charities and the public sector. We deliver a complete suite of IT technical services, solutions and support at affordable rates to suit your business needs and budget.


Mission Statement:- ‘To be the best ICT support organisation in the Whitsundays, supporting and helping to develop the IT infrastructure of all our clients locally, nationally and internationally'

Service Level Agreements




As businesses become more and more reliant on IT for the management of day-to-day business processes, it is vital that should your system crash or you need repairs/updates that this can be resolved quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your business.


Our IT Service Level Agreements provide a high level of support and consultancy using the latest in remote desktop and diagnostic software. Our experienced technicians are also available to carry out work on-site when required.


Why tie up valuable time and resources trying to understand computer network technology and resolve PC network issues – like blocked printer queues, failed back ups, adding new users etc. – when we can take care of it all for you.

Key Services – IT Technical Support


Telephone Support: Access to our help-desk team  for registering and resolving IT problem .

Remote Desktop and Server Support: Allows us to remotely access and resolve any problems directly.

On-site Visits: Support contract can include a number of on-site call out visits to resolve a IT issue.

Travelling and mileage chargeable: When on-site calls are included, no travelling costs included

Annual on-site health check: A visit to the company offices to check security levels, server and desktop health.

Loan Replacement Equipment: For breakdown of essential equipment, provide an optional replacement.

Free Advice : Provide advice in changes in the business or projects which require an IT element

Out of hours support: Option to provide telephone and on-site support outside office hours including weekends.


How much does it cost?


Each service level agreement is calculated on your business needs and costs vary widely, however, the key areas we take into consideration are as follows:


  •     Number of PC’s
  •     Number & location of offices
  •     Number of on-site visits required


Our standard service level agreements include UNLIMITED* phone & remote desktop support during working office hours. Should you require IT support outside of these hours we can build this into your contract price.


We understand that each business has different needs and we endeavour to be as flexible as possible in our approach to providing high quality technical support.


*Subject to a fair usage policy. Advice on training can be given.

What do I do next?



Then we can arrange for one of our technicians to visit your business to give a full appraisal of your current IT systems – this is free of charge with no obligation. We will then prepare a full service level agreement proposal for your consideration.  This is however ‘Company confidential’ and should not be forwarded to a third party without prior agreement.



IT Technical support


More and more businesses are reliant on IT for their day-to-day operations.


What would you do if your system crashed? We provide a fast, reliable, professional service, choose from the following options:


1. Pay as you go support


2. Full Service Level Agreements: unlimited remote and telephone support and advice*, agreed number of on-site visits


3. Remote Desktop Support


*Subject to fair usage policy



Remote Desktop Support




Remote Desktop support allows us to remotely advise and diagnose problems you are having with your desktop computer. We can let you know quickly & easily if we can resolve the problem , you can call our experts from 9am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays).


We offer this service as either pay as you go or for long-term peace of mind, you may prefer a remote support-service contract. You can then make unlimited support calls.


Despite the capability of modern computer systems, problems often arise because networking or set-up issues prevent equipment working properly. Our technicians can usually put these right in a few minutes. Whatever the problem is, when it strikes it starts costing you money. Gravtec’s support service is a convenient and highly cost-effective solution. Why not give it a try?


How does Remote Desktop Support work?


In order for our technicians to access your computer you will need an active Internet connection as our desktop support system connects us via a dedicated gateway to the internet.


When a support request is made a secure encrypted connection between your PC and our support system is made – don’t worry we will talk you through the process over the phone and once we have established control remotely our technicians can quickly start to diagnose the problem. Through this connection we are also able to remotely transfer files, reboot and take control of your PC to diagnose and resolve the problem. You will not need any software licences or pre-installed software to use this service.


Key Benefits of Remote Desktop Support


  •     Instant support
  •     Quick & convenient
  •     Minimum disruption to your working day
  •     Cost effective


No need to explain or understand your problems as our experienced technicians can see your screen, just sit back whilst they diagnose the problem.


What if I need on-site help?

Occasionally, something may need repair or replacement. We can often identify such problems remotely, but your system will need physical attention. The work may be covered by your supplier’s guarantee, but if you need professional on-site support, we can provide it through our on site support services.

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